A Japanese food shoot

It is always exciting to see, and experience food that is new to you, and this day certainly did that. Lots of delicious Japanese set dishes in tasty combinations. The restaurant will open in REDI Helsinki in the beginning of December with the name; YAMI YAMI. 

For this shoot we used the Elinchrom ELB500ttl flash, and new favourite that has replaced most of our other flashes. On this shoot we could use a rather simple setup, since we had the same background and layout for all the images. 

Autumn Family session

Its has been a long warm autumn here in Helsinki, and it there has been lots of photo opportunities every week for a couple of month. This year we had lovely beautiful moments that we could share together with our customers. 

It is not normal to have a photo session outside in October and having to dress up in thick coats and warm footware, but this year it was relatively warm the whole autumn and on this special day it was 15C and a wonderful sunshine the whole day. 

We normally meet up with our customers a few days before if possible, to arrange clothing, transportation, and location for the shoot. 

Speedlight Workshop

We did it – it took a long time, but we finally did it. We had a workshop. A day all about using speedlighs in studio, what you can do with them, and how to the the most out of the light. 

We made 3 scenarios with each their own tasks and possibilities. 3 Speedlights and suitable light modifiers for each station. Lots of fun 🙂 and many great images was produces during the workshop day. (more to come) 

Images of a Photographer

Shooting a photographer – well take pictures of a Dog photographer. On a beautiful day in September I was out to take images of a dog/pet photographer for his portfolio and homepage. Paw Larsen as him self, and as Dog – Bobo. Bobo played the role as dog perfectly. Paw has good experience from many photoshoots already 🙂 so the day went as planned.

All images outdoor was shot with a speed light and umbrella softbox, and even it was a standard speed light the results were ok. It was an overcast day, so not so much power needed. 

We rounded up the day having a small studio setup beside Bobo’s basket, so I could get some final shots of the two talents in more relaxed environment. 

They had a very good corporation with each other – even they had not meet each other before the photo shoot. Looks like Paw has a good connection with dogs / Pets in general. If you are in Sweden and need a good image of your pet, Paw Larsen is a really good choice for your next photographer. You find him on http://www.pawsphoto.nu 

A cup of coffee

Creating a few new images for a homepage. 

Cafe Cakehouse are working on updating their homepage and needed us to take a few new images. A very tasty job, since this is the best place in the region to eat real homemade cakes 😉 

Food Photography on location

A whole day food shoot in a shopping centre – during opening hours  – fun 🙂 

This time we had to create images bothe for online media like homepage and instagram and for their new printed menu. Since food needs to look fresh you have a very limited time to shoot each dish, so a shoot like this needs a lot of planning and preparation. 

The way we have chosen to do this is using several shooting stations. 

  1. Standard light table (photography table to create white high light background. 
  2. If we need shots from both above and 45degree angle we have one more table as described above. 
  3. Station where we can change table top and background as we progress with the different image styles agreed on. 


Being able to shoot all your “environments” with in minutes is crucial when shooting “live” in a restaurant. Knowing what dishes will come next help the crew to prepare the next table setting in time for the kitchen delivering the dish. Fast pace – and lots of fun 🙂 food shooting is not always done with lots of time to puzzles props around. 

New born Photo session

New born photo session is a great experience every time, and they will always be different – an overflow of cuteness 🙂 

Most of your new born sessions are done in the home of the customer. We normally have a short planning meeting, phone call or Email exchange, so we can agree on ideas, and what you as customer want to have. Some might send us examples that could give some ideas on what to achieve on the photo session. 

Corporate Head shots

Corporate portraits and meeting with our Chinese Connection

Today we shot head shots in Helsinki. It is always great to get new challenges, and outdoor head shots are really on top of your list. 

Outdoor portraits are really a pleasure to do. You can always find interesting backgrounds, and you can give the viewer a hint of the environment around the person. We normally use flash light when doing portraits on location like these above, to be able to balance the light and crating even lit images. 

Cafe shoot in Espoo

At Cafe Cakehouse in Espoo

In Espoo to take images of  the new design at Cafe Cakehouse. Took the time to shoot some cake pictures too (and to have a taste) They do make my favourite cream cakes, so its always nice to visit. The cafe is places in the middle of the centre, and since there are things moving all the time HDR was not the solution, so used lots of Hahnel Modus 600 speed lights. 

(they always have fresh tasty cakes)

Shoot with Toni – Super fun time in the spring sun

Shoot in Helsinki

on the road. Location shoot in Helsinki with Toni. Even the images looks sunny, it was windy and cold, but we did have lots of fun. Since we are still waiting for the new Elinchrom ELB 500 – it was the Hahnel Speedlights that did a great job providing the light needed. 

The second model on the shoot was Bobo the Dog, and giiiii he is good at stealing the show. Always fun when you get the feeling that the dog wants to show of, and gives you its best side. Here he is resting on a bench between two sessions. 

The shoot took 11/2 hour – Thank you all for a great time 🙂