by imagekafe | 3:20 pm

Shooting a photographer – well take pictures of a Dog photographer. On a beautiful day in September I was out to take images of a dog/pet photographer for his portfolio and homepage. Paw Larsen as him self, and as Dog – Bobo. Bobo played the role as dog perfectly. Paw has good experience from many photoshoots already 🙂 so the day went as planned.

All images outdoor was shot with a speed light and umbrella softbox, and even it was a standard speed light the results were ok. It was an overcast day, so not so much power needed. 

We rounded up the day having a small studio setup beside Bobo’s basket, so I could get some final shots of the two talents in more relaxed environment. 

They had a very good corporation with each other – even they had not meet each other before the photo shoot. Looks like Paw has a good connection with dogs / Pets in general. If you are in Sweden and need a good image of your pet, Paw Larsen is a really good choice for your next photographer. You find him on 


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