Food Photography on location

A whole day food shoot in a shopping centre – during opening hours  – fun 🙂 

This time we had to create images bothe for online media like homepage and instagram and for their new printed menu. Since food needs to look fresh you have a very limited time to shoot each dish, so a shoot like this needs a lot of planning and preparation. 

The way we have chosen to do this is using several shooting stations. 

  1. Standard light table (photography table to create white high light background. 
  2. If we need shots from both above and 45degree angle we have one more table as described above. 
  3. Station where we can change table top and background as we progress with the different image styles agreed on. 


Being able to shoot all your “environments” with in minutes is crucial when shooting “live” in a restaurant. Knowing what dishes will come next help the crew to prepare the next table setting in time for the kitchen delivering the dish. Fast pace – and lots of fun 🙂 food shooting is not always done with lots of time to puzzles props around.