Shoot in Viikki April 2018

Shoot at Viikki April 2018

Today we had a planning portfolio shoot at Viikki, near Helsinki. The area we had chosen for the shoot is an old museum area, with lots of old industrial buildings, water power plant and a great view to the sea.The weather was a bit cloudy and with a light drizzle – weather I like. 


Normally on a shoot like this we would be using Godox AD360ś but the two we have are getting old, and are ready for replacement. Only other alternative for battery powered flash for outdoor usage we have are Hahnel Modus speed lights. A couple of those in HighSpeed mode worked well, even when using a 120cm deep umbrella. 

Even the weather was not too good (except for me) the shoot went really well, and we got the images we were hoping for.